Is the Body to Be Cultivated or Mortified in Yoga?

This research evaluates yoga’s historical development and discerns continuities and discontinuities within the practice. Prominence is given to changing attitudes towards physical mortification and cultivation over the period of 2,500 years. In addition to the exposition of the development of body ideals, this essay attempts to recognise and combine yoga’s substantial legacy with the demands of the present-day world.

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The Beauty of Soulful Girl Weekends: Case Study

Blessing a bride-to-be and her bride tribe with a gift of yoga no longer comes as a surprise. The times are changing, and the wellbeing industry is seeing a growing need for more meaning, depth and connection in those once-in-a-lifetime events – hen-do’s and stag-do’s. Yoga can offer this and more, making the celebration special and memorable.
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Top Tips for Healthy Forward Bending

Nothing can wake our hamstrings up quite as well as a thorough forward bend. It could be a standing or sitting pose, and even an inversion. But what is it exactly that happens in our body and mind when we bend forward, and how can we perfect getting there?

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What’s the Deal with Backbends?

Backbends, commonly known in yoga as heart or chest openers, are an integral part of any yoga practice. They are invigorating and strengthening, releasing the spine as well as the chest and shoulder area – places where lots of us hold tensions. If practised safely, with an appropriate mindset and warm-up, they can be very exhilarating and freeing, improving our posture in the long term.

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