Experience the enchantment of practising yoga in breathtaking, secluded settings like never before.

Join us this Summer as we embark on a transformative journey, sailing through remote parts of Croatia alongside like-minded, open-hearted individuals, immersing ourselves in the serenity of nature.

Experience daily holistic yoga sessions. Twice a day, we will roll out our yoga mats on picturesque beaches, wooden piers, quays, and meadows. The sessions will guide you inward, unveiling even deeper levels of peace and nature's untouched beauty. As your certified instructor, I will lead you on a profound exploration of self-discovery with a morning yoga practice to invigorate your senses and an evening restorative session to restore balance.

While our accomplished skippers navigate the waters, ensure a seamless sailing experience and offer optional sailing lessons, we will also relish the joy of preparing meals aboard the yacht, savouring the simplicity of shared cooking experiences. Daily, we will also venture to hidden gems such as exclusive restaurants accessible only by boat, where we will indulge in authentic local cuisine, or dive to explore coral reefs and fluorescent plankton.

Don't miss this extraordinary opportunity to elevate your yoga practice while embarking on an unforgettable sailing adventure. Reserve your spot today, and let us take care of the rest.

Paula Kaminska
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