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This website combines the best of my research and craft—from UX & Business to Wellness & Philosophy, with a keen interest in Psychology in between.

I'm a former UX Director in finance, Senior UX Strategist in mental health, UX Mentor, and occasional Higher Education Teacher and Public Speaker.

I work directly with CEOs on UX Strategy and Computing lecturers at FE/HE colleges. I lead conference workshops, devise complex user research, build & manage teams, look after holistic user-business-technology experiences, and supervise juniors.

In 2015, I founded THE YOGI, an award-winning wellness blog and mobile studio, where every part of an individual is perceived as intimately interconnected and fully understood only within the context of the whole. In this holistic approach, all aspects of one's whole being are nourished and balanced through the heightened awareness and integration of physical, mental, emotional and spiritual self-development.

Today, I offer research papers writing and public speaking—from wellness to philosophy.

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