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  • 10 Easy Mindful Practices for Everyday Living10 Easy Mindful Practices for Everyday Living

    Everyday life provides endless opportunities for us to stop, to focus, to remind ourselves to be fully awake and present to what is happening now. Pick a few ordinary activities from your daily life that you can turn into ‘mindfulness bells’, i.e. reminders to stop, step out of automatic pilot and simply be.

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  • The Beauty of Soulful Girl Weekends: Case StudyThe Beauty of Soulful Girl Weekends: Case Study

    Blessing a bride-to-be and her bride tribe with a gift of yoga no longer comes as a surprise. The times are changing, and the wellbeing industry is seeing a growing need for more meaning, depth and connection in those once-in-a-lifetime events – hen-do’s and stag-do’s. Yoga can offer this and more, making the celebration special and memorable.

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  • Top Tips for Healthy Forward BendingTop Tips for Healthy Forward Bending

    Nothing can wake our hamstrings up quite as well as a thorough forward bend. It could be a standing or sitting pose, and even an inversion. But what is it exactly that happens in our body and mind when we bend forward, and how can we perfect getting there?

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  • The Role of the Jain Doctrine of Nonviolence in IndiaThe Role of the Jain Doctrine of Nonviolence in India

    In today’s India, ahiṃsā (nonviolence) is present in all Dharmic religions. Persisting throughout three millennia, it transformed Indian life—its religions, politics, and culture. This literature review (1) examines historically significant tactics of exerted impact, (2) discusses original instigators, and (3) traces the interaction of traditions to arrive at the premise of expansion of the Jain ideals across major traditions in the context of (a) attitude towards all life and (b) sacrificial ritual.

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  • Mahāyāna Meditation: Revered Divergence From Mainstream BuddhismMahāyāna Meditation: Revered Divergence From Mainstream Buddhism

    This research traces the origins of Indian Mahāyāna (1), a new orientation rooted in early Buddhism. The essay draws from the earliest sūtras and argues that the new development was not antagonistic towards the previous tradition but built on it.

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  • The Global Acclaim of Nonviolence in Hinduism: Early FactorsThe Global Acclaim of Nonviolence in Hinduism: Early Factors

    Over a century ago, Mahatma Gandhi inspired the world with a new mass means of liberation of the oppressed. His primary motivation arose from the virtue of nonviolence (ahiṃsā in Sanskrit). It served him to humanely liberate India from British rule. However, this ethical virtue stirred the country long before neo-Hinduism. It was a significant meditative practice and prerequisite for religious life back in ancient times. This research is the last one in the series. It briefly presents evidence from different periods produced by a host of systems exchanging the ideas—on nonviolence.

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