With over a decade-long expertise in business, I have a proven track record of improving companies' profitability and operational efficiency.

My focus lies in looking after holistic user-business-technology experiences, devising nuanced user research, building & managing teams, mentoring UX & marketing juniors, and leading workshops and webinars.

As a seasoned senior strategist and researcher, I collaborate closely with CEOs to develop impactful user experience strategies in the mental health and wellness sectors. Additionally, I occasionally serve as a lecturer and public speaker at universities and colleges, working closely with computing lecturers to inform and inspire their youth.

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I excel in coordination. I achieve that by organising and overseeing diverse activities, tasks, and projects to ensure efficient collaboration and goal attainment. By playing a vital role in managing resources, optimising processes, mitigating risks, promoting teamwork and fostering communication between various teams or departments, I ensure smooth execution and contribute to the organisation's overall success.

As someone experienced in mentorship and skilled in specific domains, I offer guidance, knowledge, and support through a semi-structured approach. I actively listen and pose questions to challenge my mentees, aiding them in identifying their path.

My inspirational and educational public speaking goes beyond simply advocating for an idea. It's a transformative journey that guides listeners from A to B, while igniting their curiosity and expanding awareness with new ideas, vision, and an element of fun.

Lastly, I'm well-versed in research methodologies and data analysis. I adopt user interviews, academic paper reviews, and usability testing. By developing robust UX & marketing strategies, I enhance user & employee experiences in alignment with business goals.

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Since 2008, well before the smartphone boom, I've advocated humane technology and proactively improved user experiences. Following the publication of my first book, I also began sharing my expertise as a guest speaker.

On my lifelong learning quest, I led teams, projects and research across diverse sectors. I've played a key role in designing and overseeing the development of numerous brands and web and mobile apps from the ground up. From crafting 3D audio museum tours for the visually impaired to securing first place in Google Startup Weekend for my team, I've consistently embraced unconventional challenges.

Ultimately, with a strong foundation in technology and a deep interest in psychology, my career has spanned all stages of product development, leading me to roles in senior management.

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