Mindful Breathing

One of the easiest techniques

Mindful Walking

Try this if you have very little time to meditate

How to Face Stress

Learn the proactive approach to stress! With our mindfulness yoga series you will learn how to face the pressures of your daily life changing nothing more than your response to challenges. We promise instant results! 🙂

Instant Pause

Choose a time when you are involved in a goal-oriented activity such as reading, working, cleaning, or eating – and explore pausing.

Mindful Eating

Learn the skill of mindfulness while eating – engage your senses and expand the ordinary experiences.

Mindful Listening

Another common mindfulness technique is focusing on the sounds within you and outside of you.

Monkey Mind

Energy flows where mind goes. Learn to recognise the seeds of restlessness before your "monkey mind" takes over your being.

Four Point Breathing

Sit nice and tall, noticing your breath passing through the nostrils, travelling down your throat, moving the ribcage and expanding the belly.

Count From 1 to 4

Living a modern life? Meditation with your mind fixed on counting your breath is the quickest way to bring your focus back.

Mindful Body Scan

Mindfulness is not about trying to get anywhere. Learn to rest in awareness of this sensational body that you have.

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