Do you judge a book by its cover? You probably do, and that’s what happens when a visitor lands on your website.

If your website is poorly designed your visitor (a potential customer!) may lose all the interest he or she initially had, and quit your website lost and confused while you are left with high bounce rates wondering what went wrong.

By the time you redesign your website he or she might be already advocating your competitor.

Don’t wait. Let me streamline your cross-device user experience, smooth the navigation, and boost performance.

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The Psychological Knowledge Society “START” has been my client for nearly 10 years. The founders of the association has always welcomed my improvements to their website and entire online presence with a strong dose of enthusiasm.

“START” has been founded on 2003 to educate adults, adolescents and children as well as institutions and organisations in the field of psychology. The members of the association specialise in solving problems related with alcoholism, drug dependence, domestic and institutional violence, generation integration, marginalisation and social exclusion, personal and career development, child and family care, disability.

It’s easy to predict that such place attracts activists keen on launching new projects and introducing significant changes locally and globally. “START” as a dynamic rapidly-growing association needs a highly customisable, efficient and reliable content management platform which can keep up with the speed of growth and development.

On 2016, I revisited the website I built 7 years earlier and set up a new direction for the association’s online presence. After a thorough research I settled for WordPress, easy to personalise ProteusThemes theme, user-friendly SiteOrigin page builder and a bundle of some of the best plugins.

The outcome surpassed all expectations. The new site groups the content in a clear manner: 15+ About pages, 20+ Events per month, 30+ Services, 160+ Blog Posts covering anything from news to articles to therapeutic tales and stories. These are now easy to find and navigate through. What’s more, the whole site can be now easily converted into an online shop allowing safe events booking in multiple languages. Intuitive newsletter builder, seamless experience on any device, and an online video handover are the cherry on top.

That’s how “START” stands the test of time and remains a modern ever-growing database of knowledge which brings together local and visiting psychology enthusiasts as well as anyone in need of a professional psychological help.

More details available upon request

CLIENTPsychological Knowledge Society “START”
ROLEProject management, Web design & development