You may choose to ask your focus group about their opinion on your product but this shouldn’t be the only method to verify to what extent your product meets its intended purpose. What users say versus what users do are often two completely different things, so let me confront you with the outcomes of a usability test of your product.

Usability testing is interested in how humans work, not in how do they think they work, so direct questions are out of the game. Let me study your hypothesis, pick several quantitative and qualitative methods to test the product with your users, and let’s leave the comfort zone.


Project Space is an enterprise class project management app that allows complete control over project tasks, collaboration, communication and file sharing. Whether users are logging in to request a progress update, assign tasks or invite colleagues into their Project Space, it’s all available at their fingertips at any time on any device.

In short, Project Space is a truly user focused, collaborative environment where everyone can manage the progress and delivery of their projects. The detailed task view displays a list of tasks one by one or as an interactive timeline. The progress on all of the projects is easy to read from simple progress overview charts and a useful breakdown of tasks.

The whole of the user experience of Project Space wouldn’t be as intuitive as it is without an iteration of usability tests.

6 participants accomplishing 5 tasks on 2 devices and rating their experience from 7.8 to 8.4 out of 10 helped me to determine 62 potential areas for improvement. Although all 3 females and 3 males from various backgrounds accomplished their tasks in 91%, they spent over 6 minutes on each task on average reporting a few major and a good deal of minor inconsistencies across the system. The Project Space you know now is the one that allows you to complete the key tasks in the user journey in the shortest time, and gets the best user reviews.

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