Style Guide documents a company’s visual language and often becomes a one-stop place for entire teams. It’s a team’s guide, usually containing a colour palette, grid layout system and basic type styles.

More advanced Style Guides expand the definition of branding and include a UI pattern library, so that developers can copy and paste the markup to compose new web pages within seconds.


blur Group is a growing global brand recognised through colour, content identity and behaviour. Its Style Guide helps to communicate one consistent identity which is recognisable everywhere, internally and externally.

The blur Group’s Style Guide follows the rules it promotes. It’s harmonious and consistent. Its mobile-first and component-driven code is based on Bootstrap and inspired by atomic design. It’s fun. It’s Lego. It invites developers to compose new pages from pre-defined building blocks.

CLIENTblur Group
ROLEProject management, Prototyping, Web design