It’s said that pictures are worth more than a thousand words. It’s true, people process visual information much faster than text.

Think for a moment which aspect of yourself, or your work – product or service, you would like to promote. Photography featuring people will remind your clients who is behind the service they use and will add a personal touch, especially online.

Commercial photography of your product, on the other hand, will reveal its detail and feel, suggesting to your potential clients its level of attraction.

Whether you need to make your adverts, corporate brochures, café menu, or social media campaigns more engaging, me and my camera are here for you.


blur Group operates the world’s largest online marketplace for business services. Its branded t-shirts unite employees from diverse ethnic backgrounds and raise company’s visibility as they are seen across many public events.

Here, the most physically active representatives of blur Group compete with British Paralympians at the Listen2Win event at WESC Foundation, UK.

The evening designed to boost team building, wellbeing and thinking outside the box due to the sight loss and communication conditions aimed to give people a little insight into what’s it’s like to experience sightlessness, and also to overcome that with sound communication.

More details available upon request

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