There’s a good reason why we say that images are worth more than a thousand words. People process visual information much faster than text. And, what’s more, it can much sooner influence their mood.

Have a think for a moment – which aspect of yourself or your work,  product or service, you would like to promote. Photography featuring people will remind your customers who is behind the service they use and will add a personal touch, especially online. While commercial photography of a product will reveal its detail and feel, suggesting to potential customers its level of attraction.

A well scripted video, on the other hand, will capture attention on social media platforms and communicate the idea in the quickest way possible – by combining meaningful image and text.

Whether you need to make your adverts, corporate brochures, café menu, or social media campaigns more engaging, me and my camera are here for you. Get in touch if you’d like me to assist you with a video production too. After all, before embarking on the user experience path my dream was to become a filmmaker.

blur Group staff competing at Listen2Win by WESC Foundation, 2016

“Creative photography provoking us to stop, reflect and think! Paula is very perceptive, she sees what others don’t even notice, and then points her camera lens at it – from various angles, for various contexts…”

Renata Górna, Journalist


Innovative and diverse blur Group operates the world’s largest online marketplace for business services. Their branded apparel visually unites employees from various ethnic backgrounds under a common goal and increases company awareness during public events.

Among many of them, blur Group was invited to join British Paralympians and to compete against them in the Listen2Win event organised by WESC Foundation in Exeter. By blindfolding our staff, the competition taught all of us, attendees and observers, something very important as it simulated the conditions to give an insight into the experience of sightlessness. The purpose of all tasks was to learn to overcome it with sound communication. Boosting team building and encouraging thinking outside the box resulting from a sudden simulated sight loss were all very welcome side effects for the team.

CLIENTblur Group, 2016