The most successful mobile apps are easy and pleasant to use. They may not require much time to learn how to use them, yet they deliver value.

Acknowledge that people like simplicity. But remember that behind designing mobile apps is a long and complex process consisting of stages – research, insights generation, iterative prototyping and testing, visual design and monitoring.

Don’t keep yourself inside the “design comfort zone” and think of an interface prepared to face ideal situations only. Let me prepare you for reality and design an app which responds to all types of unforeseen situations.

UX is the sum of all parts working coherently and harmoniously. The extra foresight will separate a mediocre design from a truly good one.


Collabnation is a social network allowing you to find amateur musicians near you, request a jam session, and bring your musical visions to life.

Problem: Musicians can’t find collaborators efficiently or conveniently.

Solution: Simplifying the process for musicians to connect and collaborate with each other.

Minimal Viable Product: App and website enabling musicians to connect, meet and jam.

Team: Paula (Head of Design / CTO), Andy (IT Manager), Denise (Marketing), Jess (Marketing), Theo (Marketing), Yoann (Marketing), Greg (Finance), EJ (Business Strategy), Nikhil (CEO)

Winner of Google Startup Weekend 2016 in Exeter, UK

More details available upon request

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