Do you judge a book by its cover? You probably do, and that’s what happens when a visitor lands on your product page, newsletter, social media post.

If they are poorly designed, laid out or written, or load slowly, your visitor – a potential (returning) customer – may lose the interest he or she initially had. In the worst case scenario, they will quit, leaving you with high bounce rates and wondering what went wrong with your desired user flow. By the time you improve your website and campaigns, your prospective customer might be already advocating your competitor…

Don’t wait. Let me lead your team to streamline your out-of-the-ecosystem user experience, boost engagement and design a behaviour change. My evidence-based process will not only increase your conversion rates and clients enthusiasm. It will open a path to rank your company high in Google, with influencers wanting to talk about it and a percentage of clients converting into brand advocates.

Your exposure and more than satisfying user experience will be finally there for you.

The Yogi website for yoga enthusiasts, 2017

“Paula Kaminska is a very creative and open-minded person. Always on time, with a professional attitude towards given projects. The quality of provided service and support exceeded my expectations.”

Mateusz Falkowski, Business Analyst


THE YOGI is a blog, with aspirations for thought leadership, as well as a mobile yoga studio specialising in arranging bespoke classes. The initiative started in Exeter with the aim of building trust between corporate and wellbeing environments to unlock their cooperation and mindset sharing.

The project, being in its very early stages, required from me to define and establish the brand first. With the approach to yoga as a tool to facilitate health, cognitive fitness, stress management and personal growth – therefore relying on science and psychology, and moving away from often risky in this context spiritual connotations – it became much easier to target business environments. The list of top desirable clients got quickly populated with all major business parks in the area (for example, Exeter Science Park) and their coordinators, as well as HR managers in medium-sized businesses (Michelmores, Blue Chip Holidays, Crowdcube, to name a few).

In 2016, wellbeing became a real buzzword as more British businesses began to introduce their first wellbeing programmes, bringing the UK (63.2%) close to the EU wellbeing average (64.0%), and at the same time helping THE YOGI with exposure and winning new contracts. Initially, 65% of clients had no prior experience with yoga, making this mobile yoga studio their exclusive provider of the service.

A detailed survey among clients revealed however another messaging related problem to tackle – 67% of students were female, although yoga originally was created in India by and for men. The key element of campaign Yoga for Men, which revealed a learnt bias, was an interview with male yoga students promoting their attitude and benefits they gain from yoga. The engagement of male participants in the interview alone brought more men to THE YOGI classes, mostly colleagues, friends and friends of friends, resulting in certain classes being overwhelmingly attended by men. Since this research, the list of promoted benefits – energy boost, de-stress, improved work-life balance, back pain relief and body posture correction – expanded with complimenting sport activities. 

Apart from user research and strategic blogging, key was also knowledge about the market – analysing strengths, weaknesses, tone of voice, price, services, locations of current and future competitors, for example, signing up to their newsletters and learning about their content strategy.

THE YOGI’s recognisable brand, website, seasonal newsletter, social media profiles, vouchers, loyalty cards, business cards, posters and flyers, and their content, as well as networking were a natural extension of the company strategy. The total of over 1 000 followers on various platforms with up to 600 post reach a week on Facebook alone was achieved soon after the launch with no advertising budget.

Since then, THE YOGI expanded from its initial corporate niche, growing the offer to holistic practices, mindfulness, retreats abroad and online classes.

ROLEBrand Ambassador, Web Designer
CLIENTThe Yogi, 2017