Are you using design in your business? Good design can bring you significant and valuable opportunities, yet its importance is often underestimated.

Do you have a recognisable logo that fully represents your company? Is your corporate identity consistent wherever people interact with it? Do you regularly refresh your corporate material?

If you answer ‘yes, of course’, then you are definitely on track, but if you have to pause to think then you may need a little help.

“Paula is an excellent designer. She worked tirelessly at re-branding my business. I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending her.”

Rebecca Cunningham, Founder at I’ve Got Your Back


Rebecca Cunningham’s latest brand I’ve Got Your Back with caring, professional, and at the same time holistic zen-like look & feel targets wealthy, corporate and academic audiences.

Rebecca is a Holistic Massage Therapist and Pilates Instructor working in collaboration with the Wellbeing Centre at the University of Exeter. Her sessions tailored to meet individual requirements provide mental relaxation and target body areas prone to stress and strain.

It’s been a joyful challenge to research Rebecca’s industry and come up with a couple of logo proposals which stand out, without words express the core of the brand and give a hint on services. Originally Caucasian skin tone background has been replaced with a universal, calming and refreshing purple allowing perfect balance on a clinical-spiritual continuum.

ROLEBrand & Web Designer
CLIENTRebecca Cunningham, 2016