Hi, I’m Paula Kaminska, an award-winning UX Strategist

I’ve been designing and building successful websites, web and mobile apps for the past 20 years. With a background in programming and a passion for psychology, I quickly transitioned through all stages of project development towards UX Design and Product Management. I’ve been a UX advocate ever since.

Accumulating all of my experience and practice, I’m now looking to support organisations as UX Strategist, Team Lead, Consultant or Mentor. Worldwide.



I wanted to be a filmmaker. Hidden behind the scenes, I was drawn towards telling stories and taking people on journeys that may expand their horizons and change their lives. Informatics, however, had better prospects, and my pragmatism led me in that direction. Yet, I couldn’t abandon my fascination with human experiences. Therefore, during my six year long studies at various technical universities, I started my informal training in psychology with the help of local associations and clubs.

I can still think back to my Dad advising me to stop distracting myself with psychology and focus on informatics – to do one thing and do it very very well. Partially conflicted, I disregarded his advice. This choice made sense to me a couple of years later when I was about to write a dissertation for my first degree. A book by Jakob Nielsen changed it all – I discovered that Human-Computer Interaction is a field that lies exactly between informatics and psychology. From that very moment, I felt the calling to become a User Experience Designer. I simply knew that UX is going to be the future, long before the job title was coined.

Today, over a decade later, I offer a proven ability to prototype and design to best UX practices, conduct usability tests and other data-driven software validations. I can lead UX activities within agile and traditional environments, both as a designer and as a manager. Having worked with various startups in various industries, I can quickly understand any business, product, and team dynamics.

I’m very confident of my goals and very dedicated to achieving them. I take initiative to identify problems and formulate effective and efficient solutions. I have strong communication skills and can easily inspire respect and cooperation in my team. Check for yourself – I am both a team player and self-starter who will take time to understand your vision and add value to your team, product and business from day one.


    • UX Strategist, Public Speaker 2016 ⟶
      Self-employed, part-time
    • Teacher, Founder 2015 ⟶
      The Yogi, part-time
    • UX Director 2017 – 2020
      Duesday, Cornwall, full-time
    • Head of Design 2016 – 2017
      Dealerweb, Devon, contract
    • UX/UI Consultant 2016 – 2017
      Echoes, Devon, contract
    • UI Designer 2016 – 2017
      Working Planet, Devon, contract
    • Lead UX/UI Designer 2013 – 2016
      blur Group, Devon, full-time
    • UX/UI Designer/Developer 2012 – 2013
      blur Group, London, full-time
    • Web Designer 2011 – 2012
      All-In Design, Cambridgeshire, full-time
    • Web Developer, Project Manager 2008 – 2009
      Hanza Interactive, Warsaw, full-time
    • SAP Architect 2007
      Philips Lighting Poland, Pabianice, apprenticeship
    • Photographer 2006 – 2008
      Slajd Magazine, Lodz, contract
    • Print Designer 2005 – 2006
      Agencja Dziennikarzy, Pabianice, internship
    • Webmaster 2000 – 2011
      Self-employed, part-time
    • Founder, Volunteer Events Facilitator,
      Community Manager, Social Media Marketer
      2017 ⟶
      South West Adventurers
    • Volunteer Assistant 2019 – 2020
      Systemic Constellations
    • Volunteer Logistics Specialist 2006 – 2007
      Camerimage Film Festival
    • Volunteer Fundraising Coordinator 2002 – 2005
      Polish Red Cross
    • Volunteer TV Reporter 2004
      TV ProMok

    • Master of Science, Distinction 2011
      Major: Information Systems in Management and E-commerce
      The Technical University of Lodz / The University of Porto
    • Bachelor of Science (Hons), 1st class 2009
      Major: Graphics and Multimedia
      The University of Humanities and Economics in Lodz
    • Level 3 2005
      Maths, English, Polish
      Major: Economics and Business Administration
      Complex of Economic Schools in Pabianice
    • Courses & Awards
    • Agile Leadership by Software Cornwall
    • Copywriting by NLP Eddu Club
    • Counselling Listening Skills by National Counselling Society
    • Data-Viz by Information is Beautiful
    • Developing Innovative Ideas for New Companies by University of Maryland
    • Hill and Moorland Leader by Mountain Training
    • Integrated Skills in English III by Trinity College London
    • Leadership & Management Level 3 Award by CMI
    • Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) by Health & Care Professions Council
    • Process-Oriented Psychology by Psychological Knowledge Society START
    • Teacher Training by Code Club Pro
    • Understanding Media by Northwestern University
    • User Experience Workshop by Mekonta
    • Winner at Google’s Exeter Startup Weekend
    • Publication
      Consumer-Oriented Online Shop Creation: Intuitive E-commerce Guide
      Lambert Academic Publishing, 2011
      Buy now on Amazon
    • Other
      Dual nationality: Polish, British
      Driving license