Hi, hello! I'm Paula Kaminska

An award-winning UX Strategist and Researcher with 15 years of experience


City College Plymouth, Devon, contract
Good With, Cornwall, part-time
Duesday, Cornwall, full-time
Dealerweb, Devon, contract
Echoes, Devon, contract
Working Planet, Devon, contract
Maistro, Devon, full-time
Maistro, London, full-time
All-In Design, Cambridgeshire, full-time
Hanza Interactive, Masovian, full-time
Philips Lighting Poland, Lodzkie, apprenticeship
Slajd Magazine, Lodzkie, contract
Agencja Dziennikarzy, Lodzkie, internship
Self-employed, Lodzkie, part-time


Major: Buddhist Ethics
SOAS University of London
Major: Information Systems in Management and E-commerce
The Technical University of Lodz & The University of Porto
Major: Graphics and Multimedia
The University of Humanities and Economics in Lodz
Maths, English, Polish
Major: Economics and Business Administration
Complex of Economic Schools in Pabianice



Consumer-Oriented Online Shop Creation: Intuitive E-commerce Guide

Lambert Academic Publishing, 2011

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Wizerunek firm w Internecie, 2009 🇵🇱

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  Agile Leadership by Software Cornwall

  Copywriting by NLP Eddu Club

  Counselling Listening Skills by National Counselling Society

  Data-Viz by Information is Beautiful

  Developing Innovative Ideas by University of Maryland

  GDPR Compliance Training

  Hill and Moorland Leader by Mountain Training

  Integrated Skills in English III by Trinity College London 🏆


  Leadership & Management Level 3 Award by CMI 🏆

  MBSR by Health & Care Professions Council

  NLP Practitioner Training by Chris Howard

  Process-Oriented Psychology by START

  Teacher Training by Code Club Pro

  Understanding Media by Northwestern University

  User Experience Workshops by Mekonta

  Google’s Exeter Startup Weekend 1st Place Award 🏆

  Yoga Teacher Diploma (500 hours) by Devon School of Yoga

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