Mindfulness Practices for Everyday Life

Everyday life provides endless opportunities for us to stop, to focus, to remind ourselves to be fully awake and present to what is happening now. Pick a few ordinary activities from your daily life that you can turn into ‘mindfulness bells’, i.e. reminders to stop, step out of automatic pilot and simply be.

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The New Era of Soulful Hen Weekends

Blessing a bride-to-be and her bride tribe with a gift of yoga no longer comes as a surprise. The times are changing and the wellbeing industry is seeing a growing need for more meaning, depth and connection in those once-in-a-lifetime type of events – hen-do’s and stag-do’s. Yoga can offer this and more, making the celebration truly special and memorable.
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Yogi Food: Spiritual Veganism

Lots of yogis choose to eat vegan mindfully. Some do it for health reasons, some diet for peace, while others aim to deepen their spiritual practice. Let’s explore the connection between veganism and yoga and where you would place yourself on the spectrum.

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What’s the Deal with Backbends?

Backbends, commonly known in yoga as heart or chest openers, are an integral part of any yoga practice. They are invigorating and strengthening, releasing the spine as well as the chest and shoulder area – places where lots of us hold tensions. If practised safely, with an appropriate mindset and warm-up, they can be very exhilarating and freeing, improving our posture in the long term.

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What is Yoga?

'What is yoga?' At first glance this is a seemingly simple question. However, by getting a flavour of how rich and varied the complete toolkit of yoga techniques is, it's easy to realise that yoga is just an umbrella term for a variety of practices.

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